1st Teething Keys

Item description:

1st Teething keys can be played by toddlers (6 months) with their colorful appearance. It has 2 colorful plastic keys which toddlers can strengthen their teeth by biting on them, 3 colorful rings, and a car’s horn sound button to interact with them.

Fine motor skills strengthen: The 1st learning controller helps your child to use their hands for precise movements, and their little fingers to move with agility and dexterity. With this amazing toy, kids can start to use their hands right at birth to explore their bodies and the world around them.

Hand-to-eye coordination: From basic reaching and grasping to more refined, controlled actions, this item helps develop hand-to-eye coordination in young children and good reflexes.

Light & Sounds: Light-up musical rewards give fun responses to help the baby understand cause and effect. The sounds stimulate your baby’s senses and encourage them to look, listen, touch and feel.